Teaching Children the Glory of Giving

The recent events effecting the local area have reminded many in our community of the importance of giving back. Giving back is not only donating food, clothing, and material items but also donating our time. As we are in the midst of not only a trying time for many but also a season known for caring, compassion and camaraderie it’s important to look at the value in teaching our children this concept at a young age. Instilling how critical it is to be involved as often as possible, not only during disasters or holidays, is imperative in setting the tone for future obstacles.

Volunteering and getting involved, while helping the community, also assists adults and children alike in gaining a sense of self worth. It provides the opportunity to see that with devastation and destruction, there is also support and strength. Many of us can, at times, be guilty of failing to see beyond our own circumstance and becoming apart of a cause greater than ourselves allows us to grow.

Being involved, supporting, and volunteering transcends age. As parents, we want to shield our kids from all the negative we possibly can but we don’t want to refuse them the opportunity to learn that with all the bad that takes place, there can also be some good. Volunteering allows our youth to be apart of something bigger than they are while feeling a sense of community. Instilling in them the importance of giving back and supporting their community assists in their ability to live from a place of acceptance.

Regardless of what cause you choose to support, make the decision to get involved this season and every season. Take pride in setting an example of how 1 person can make a difference and it will trickle through society. Help your children to get involved by joining in on the action with them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the different options. Find your passion as a family, whether it be working in a soup kitchen, preparing a holiday meal for a family in need, or cleaning up the community, and start a tradition of giving from the heart.

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